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    5 фев 2018
    The Project BTCOON.COM is a Service based on cryptocurrency. Right here everyone can try his luck and get the winnings!


    Classic Game – the game for those, who like playing for the high stakes. Those wishing to try their luck place a bet on a general deposit that is raffled among players at the end of a round.

    Fast game – the game to try your luck instantly. There are only 3 players, the max bet is limited. The winner gets a general deposit of 3 players.

    Crash – is a mode, where players have to press Stop button before Crash comes. Crash comes randomly but as long as you are in the game the coefficient rises as your winning.

    Craft – is a great opportunity for every user to get a prize for a better price!

    You need to choose the prize you like from the list, determine how much you are willing to allocate coins for accessories and click "create".
    Remember, the higher the price of components, the higher the probability of getting a prize!

    СASES – is a fun mode where you can spend coins to open cases and win more coins. Everyone loves it!

    Try it for free - use promo code BTCTALK1000 & get Satoshi.

    ref. linkt: htps://

    net link: htps://

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